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X-axis travel 310 + 10 mm
Z axis travel 190 mm
X / Z guidance Linear guide way
X-axis rapid feed 24 m / min
Z axis rapid feed 30 m / min
X-axis feed rate of 8 m / min
Z-axis feed rate of 10 m / min
Ball screw 3,210 / 3,212 mm
Track Type X: Type 30 Wheel
Z: Type 30 wheel

Swing Ø190mm on the saddle
maximum. Turning diameter Ø180 mm
Drawer capacity Ø 45 mm
maximum. Turning length 160 mm

Speed is 5,000 rpm
Nose A2-5
Power chuck system 42 chuck chuck inch
Hole diameter Ø56 mm
Engine 3.75 / 5.5 kilowatts
Spindle bearing hole diameter Ø80

Tool change type to help tool
Five tools
Rotary shank size 20x20 mm
The largest diameter rod Ø20 mm
Tank capacity

Liquid 35 L
Hydraulic motor 1 HP
Maximum hydraulic pressure 30 kg / square meter
Automatic lubrication 0.1 kw
Cooling pump 0.5 kw
Machine size

Net weight 2,545 kg
Length 2,760 mm
1,910 mm in height
Width 1,665 mm

   YJ series has a high modular design, can handle the complex appearance of components for the bathroom industry equipment, automotive components and mechanical components.
   YJ series of high-quality ball screw: This ball screw fixed at both ends, the center of the transmission torque repeatedly rigorous testing to ensure that no torque distortion.
   The new turret design improves the original high stiffness level, further improving the cutting efficiency and extending the tool life and machining accuracy.
Manufacturers reserve the right to modify designs, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve machine performance. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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