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X-axis travel 230 (* 205 + 25) mm
Z-axis travel 550 (* 800 / 1,040) mm
X / Z guidance box way

Put in bed Ø600 mm
Swing Ø400mm on saddle
maximum. Turning diameter Ø300 mm
Drawer capacity Ø65 mm
maximum. Turning length 500 (* 750 / 1,000) mm

Speed 30 ~ 3,500 rpm
Nose A2-6
Power chuck system 8 inch
Hole diameter Ø66 (* Ø76) mm
Engine 20 HP

Tool change type turret
Number of tools 12 (* 10)
Rotary shank size VDI40 mm
The largest diameter rod Ø40mm
Power Tools Souter 436
Power Tools Motor 3.7 / 5.5 Fan
Power tools speed of 4000 rpm

Tailstock bodywork 580 (* 830 / 1,080) mm
Quil travel 100 mm
Duvet 5 MT
Down diameter Ø85 mm

X-axis travel 20 M / min
Z axis travel 24 M / min
X cutting feed rate 0 ~ 10M
Z cutting feed speed 0 ~ 10M
Tank capacity

50 liters of liquid
Hydraulic motor 2 HP
Equipment requirements

Electricity demand 25 KVA
Machine size

Net weight 4,900 (* 5,400 / 6,200) Kg
Length 2,750 (* 3,000 / 3,550) mm
Height 1800 mm
Width 1,860 (1,860 / 1900) mm

   The one-piece tilted bed structure provides a stable base, low center and high rigidity.
   Box design with thicker riders allows no conversion.
   In one machine, a combination of turning and milling functions can increase productivity by more than double
   The cast design guided around the pressure current maintains a longer service life.
   With high-quality, high-precision linear guide.
   Fast feed rates of 20 and 24 m / min for the X and Z axes ensure efficient machining.
   High-precision C3 ball screw ø32 mm ø40 mm for X-axis and Z-axis.
   Cs axis and external position encoder
   Power turret with milling function for axial or radial.
   Offers low noise rotation and high quality cutting performance.
Manufacturers reserve the right to modify designs, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve machine performance. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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